The Solution For Water Leaking Through The Ceiling

If you are observing water leaking through the ceiling, then it should not be taken too lightly. The problem of water leakage should be addressed as early as possible before it becomes a serious issue. Though there can be various reasons behind this leakage and the solution is according to the cause.

The problem of water leaking through the ceiling is a common defect. It occurs mostly in old houses due to the long duration of wear and tear of the waterproof membrane. The most affected part of the house is the bathroom and toilet. It is quite challenging to detect the route source of leakage through the ceilings. This is because water easily penetrates from one source into the walls, floors, and through the slab. If the leaking water through the ceiling is left untreated, it can lead to severe damage to the property. 

The ceiling leakage results in extra moisture that leads to the growth of mould and debris. Though there might be various causes for the leakage as this could happen due to defects in the plumbing system or roofing issues. Here is a brief look at the common signs of water leakage through the ceiling, their best possible solution before the issue gets worse and causes any further damage to the property.

Water Leaking Through The Ceiling

How To Fix The Problem Of Water Leaking Through The Ceiling

Some useful information, given by professional plumbers Randwick, will help you to repair your damaged ceiling and prevent leakage.

Stop all the Water Source

To prevent any further damage it is important to address the water source before making any repairs. This is because the water source will continue to damage the ceiling area if it is not stopped beforehand. The leaking water will not fix the issue and all your repairs will go useless. It is quite possible the root source of water leakage might be far away from the damaged sealing area. As water can spread easily, to locate the source of leakage you need to remove the damaged drywall. Once the source is located, you can easily do the water line repairs to stop the leakage.

Completely Dry the Damaged Area

After locating the root source of water leakage you can easily work on the process of water-damaged ceiling repair. First, you should protect the furniture and floor from water and debris by placing down a tarp. Then use fans and towels that would help you to dry the sealing from both sides thoroughly that will prevent the water from dripping. Though it takes time to dry the affected areas, you should be sure that there is no moisture left. If in case you address the ceiling drywall is bulging and you should cut out the section to release the water.

Remove & Repair the Damaged Section

The damaged and the affected areas should be cut out. But before doing this, you should always be aware of the other side of the dry well. It is advisable to cut a small hole with a knife for testing and with the torchlight to see what is inside the wall. The affected area may experience water leakage exactly at the place where electric wire, HVAC duct, Plumbing, or metal supporters are located. This is the case where the water is dripping in the centre of the ceiling space.

Repair The Ceiling

Now take sandpaper to smooth down the ridges, bumps, and rough areas of the ceiling. The small holes should be filled with joint compounds and allowed to be completely dry. Measure the hole size from all the sections in the drywall. Fill the hole with the adhesive and once it is dried add a larger joint compound. Smooth down all the rough damaged areas of the ceiling using sandpaper.

Painting Tips

It is necessary to cover the damage and stains areas on the ceiling with a primer and paint coat layer. It is essential to apply the first coat of primer and then a layer of paint to cover the stains. Painting without the layer of primer won’t be much effective and quiet enough to cover the damaged area of the ceiling.

Best Solution With Professional

Even though it seems that you have solved the leakage issue temporarily. If you wait for the problem to reoccur, then you might end up with a fully destroyed roof. This can also lead to mould appearing and weaken the whole structure of the roof. So, always make sure of getting professional help from a plumbing company.

There might be other causes for the water leaking through the ceiling. This could be burst or leaky pipes, dysfunctional water outlets clogged drains, and more. So, first, hire the leaking tap repair services of a professional technician if the situation seems severe to you. Professional plumbers are skilled and trained to fix the water source and make the necessary repairs.