Why Does My Sewer Line Keep Backing Up?

Backing up a sewer line can create a lot of chaos and an unhygienic environment in your house. It can happen again and again even after getting your sewer line cleaned.

Sewer Line Keep Backing Up
Sewer Line Keep Backing Up

Sewer Line Can Keep Backing Up for Multiple Reasons:

  1. Clogs:

    Clogs can occur again and again and happen due to disposing of grease, oils and fats into your drainage system. These oils get stuck to the pipes and slow down the flow of water in your pipes. Other things such as flushing of tissues and other napkins in your toilet can lead to clogging even if the napkins are “flushable”.
    These clogs can lead to backing up of sewer lines so these activities must be avoided. These are the easiest to solve problems when it comes to the back up of the drainage system.
  2. Tree Roots:

    Tree roots can enter your drainage system. The roots can grow around or get inside your pipes and can lead to blockages in your sewer system which often leads to backups. These can be treated by yourself as well by cutting off the roots which will flow out of the system which is a temporary solution, or the roots can be killed by the help of chemicals for which taking professional plumbing help should be taken. 
  3. Sewer Line Damage:

    The sewer line can be damaged or broken due to any reason, age, quality, overuse, no care etc. Even after the sewer is cleaned but if the line is broken if can still lead to backing up in your house. Through the broken lines soil or rocks can easily enter the pipes and make a blockage in the system which leads to back ups. 

Getting the cracks fixed or if needed changing the pipes is always advisable to avoid everyday sewage problems.

How to Avoid Back Ups

A healthy sewage line is what you need to keep your daily chores going, or else it can ruin your whole day. 

The waste pooling in your house couldn’t be any more disgusting, and preventing these blocks from happening rather than treating them after there is a load of waste in your bathroom is much better. 

Identifying and treating the problems then and there is the ultimate trick to avoid these problems. It is very crucial to identify the problem and not ignore it once identified. The small problems like clogging of one pipe in your whole household which can be fixed before the situation expands. This can be solved by ourselves without any professional help. 

Another clogging problem that happens due to disposal of oils can be easily avoided for which we only have to be careful, attentive and aware of what not to dispose of in our drainage system. This is another lowkey trick to ensure no harm to our pipes or our future. 

People often let the extra hair drain out from their sewer, this can also lead to blockages in the pipes, hair can bind up and cause blocking in the pipes.

Other factors which harms our pipes are the high water pressure, tree roots can be prevented and by following all these the ultimate back ups can be prevented from happening. Water pressure in our pipes should not be more than 80psi to 100psi in a standard household. Regular check ups of our sewage lines and regular cleaning is also advised to take place by a Plumbers Randwick professional so that if there are other issues they can be addressed by the professional and prevent the unwanted from happening.